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Welcome to Promoworks

Our story

PromoWorks is a local, family owned and operated business based in Great Brak River, Western Cape, South Africa.

Partnering our years experience as a qualified graphics designer and a project administrator, we wanted not only to create an opportunity to expand our creative minds, but also a sustainable future for our family, thus our company was born.

We are here to be your partner in business by assisting you to promote your products and services to your target audiences thus increasing sales, as well as to be your creative solution for personalized gifts.


We strive to serve the entire community from personal purchases to small businesses and large companies.

When you liaise with us, you will not only be getting the highest levels of quality and service you need, but also the type of personalized attention that you deserve!




We are in the process of setting up shop. 

work in progress2

We are pleased to announce that our window signage has been installed.
Now it should be alot easier finding us in town.