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Leanda Briers

Sales and finances
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Reynardt Briers

Sales / Graphic design / Printing
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How long does is take to process my order?

We will not begin processing your order until 50% deposit reflects in our bank account. We kindly request lead time of 3 - 5 working days for personalised items and 5 working days for our party packs - this gives us time to create you order to perfection. Please keep in mind that customised artwork or amendments to artwork does take additional time and only once we've received your approval will we go into print.

How long does my order take to be delivered?

Delivery will be between 1 to 3 working days from date of dispatch and upon full payment of the balance due. Deliveries are done by us, depending on your location or via courier.

What is a set up fee?

This is a cost involved in creating the template for branding an item, the setting up of the machines and required materials used to brand your items with as well as manual labour of branding your products. This is a set fee that will be charged every time you place an order.

Why does my artwork need to be re-designed?

Unfortunately, poor quality artwork delivers a poor product. Sometimes a picture you have in mind or a logo format is unusable, it’s too pixelated for instance, thus requires us to redesign it for you in order for us to deliver a perfect product to your door.

How do I pay for my order?

We accept payments via EFT, Cheque (tough it takes roughly 10 days to clear), Cash and ATM deposits at the moment, we do however also accept company purchase orders by prior arrangement.  Once payment has cleared our bank account, we will process your order.

Can I cancel my order?

This depends if your order has already been branded or artwork has already been done, in which case this will unfortunately not be possible. All cancelations are subject to a 10% administration fee charge.

I have an idea in mind for someone special, can you design it for me?

Absolutely! Reynardt, our awesome in-house designer will help you to come up with a concept and design something amazing. Please feel free to contact him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What kind of printing do you do?

For now we do heat press, pad and sublimation printing. For digital, screen printing as well as embroidery and large format, we have trusted outsourced parties to assist us to perfect you order. We are looking forward to add these machines soon!



Branding Guide

Heat Press – done inhouse

A digital image is printed onto a special vinyl surface, which is then placed onto the product in the correct position. At this point the product is placed in a heat press, and the heat from the press melts the adhesive backing on the vinyl, merging it with the onject.

  • Mainly used where a logo is too intricate for screen printing
  • Perfect for logos with many colours, extreme detail and small text
  • Photographic material can be pressed
  • Use of specially formulated inks, and advances in graphics and software packages give the operators’ greater control and flexibility which results in better quality end products.
  • Heat transfer printing is clean and environmentally safe, which makes it appealing in today’s health and safety conscious work environments.

Ideal Products: caps, t-shirts, bags and much more


Screen Printing – through trusted supplier

The process whereby a logo is exposed onto a mesh screen, with the blank areas coated with an impermeable substance. Ink is then placed onto the screen and a squeegee pushes the ink through the screen in the areas where the logo has been imposed. Colours are printed one at a time so accurate registration is essential.

  • Cost-effective solution for large quantities
  • Provides excellent coverage and is especially good for large and bold logos
  • Allows for single and multi-colour branding
  • Screen printing produces vibrant colours that are hard to replicate by other printing techniques

Ideal Products: caps, t-shirts, bags, umbrellas, notebooks and much more


Pad Printing – through trusted supplier

An offset printing process that involves ink being transferred from and engraved metal plate onto a product via a silicone pad, creating an image on the product. Each colour is applied separately but the detail in the print can still be excellent.

  • A great all-around solution that is fast and economical.
  • Can be applied to virtually any shape.
  • Suitable for most surface textures.
  • Allows single and multi-colour branding

Ideal Products: pens, key chain, water bottle, mugs and much more


Sublimation Printing – done inhouse

A process done by way of a digital full-colour printer which is fitted with special sublimation inks

  • Ensures premium full-colour photorealistic prints.
  • Flexibility characteristics of the product are not affected since the ink simply migrates to the product.
  • Only suitable for white products made from polyster fabric (minimum 60%) and polymer coasted products.
  • The advantage of digital sublimation printing is that no plates are required, so it is ideal for customizing designs with changing elements such as names, numbers, etc.

Ideal Products: caps, t-shirts, bags, mugs and much more


Embroidery – through trusted supplier

The art of decorating fabric with designs stitched in strands of thread. Driven by computers that read digitized embroidery files, Embroidery Machines automatically create a design on the product in the form of the logo that was input into the machine.

  • Creates a high value look
  • Suitable for both flat and irregular surfaces
  • Allows single and multi-colour branding
  • Logos can be embroidered in up to 9 different thread colours
  • Classic decoration technique

Ideal Products: caps, t-shirts, bags and much more


Doming – through trusted supplier

Stickers are digitally printed on an adhesive vinyl in full-colour and then automatically cut to the required shape and size. The stickers are then coated with a polyurethane resin to give a three dimensional appearance.

  • Ideal for multi-colour logos which are hard to replicate with other print techniques
  • Can be applied to smooth and rigid surfaces but works best on products with a purpose-made recessed plaque
  • The urethane coating is very chemical resistant and tolerant to environmental extreme
  • The clear bubble of plastic catches attention with glossy reflections inviting people to reach out and touch the label.
  • Imaging flexibility allows for anything from full-colour photographs

Ideal Products: key chains, notebooks


Vinyl sticker – done inhouse

Stickers are digitally printed in full-colour on an adhesive vinyl and then automatically cut to almost any shape. A Cost-effective, low or high-volume, multi-colour branding method.

  • Strong resistance to fading or damage
  • Can only be applied to flat or slightly curved surfaces
  • No cost per colour as this is digital printed
  • Ideal for Photograph

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Cancelations of ordered goods are subject to a 10% administration fee charge at our discretion. Refunds can take up to 5 working days and under no circumstances will items that has been branded by another party, be returnable.

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FREE delivery to the following areas for orders R100 or more on the days stipulated below unless arranged otherwise:

Tuesday: Grootbrak Rivier, George, Glentana, Outeniqua Strand, Bothastrand, The Island

Friday: Grootbrak Rivier, Mosselbay, Bayview, Hartenbos, Klein Brak River, Reebok, Tergniet

You are welcome to collect your order from us by prior arrangement - please note this is only for collections and not a walk in shop.

For your convenience we can make use of a Courier Service to ensure your parcel is conveniently and promptly delivered to your door. The expected lead time is 3 working days if not sooner.

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